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This form is for general user enquiries about the NERV Disaster Prevention app. In order for us to ne able to reply to you, you must enter your email address.Please note that due to the fact that we provide support in addition to our development work, our response may be delayed. Please read the FAQ section first before contacting us. Please note that we may not be able to answer questions about problems not caused by our app, feature requests or respond to any items that have an answer in the FAQ.

For press enquiries or corporate enquiries about our disaster prevention information distribution service, please use the Contact Us page on the Gehirn Inc. corporate website.

Handling of Personal Information

Gehirn Inc. has established the following policy on the handling of personal information, to safely store and handle acquired personal information, and to use it with respect to the will of the inquirer, and to handle personal information in an appropriate manner.

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